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"If the popularity of fitness watches and wearable heart-rate monitors tells us anything, it's that health club members want data. And providing them with data - in the right ways - can greatly enhance their results and experience at your club." IHRSA.ORG (INTERNATIONAL HEALTH, RACQUET AND SPORTSCLUB ASSOCIATION)
Dan, Personal Trainer & FRCms
"One of the things I appreciate most about working with HALE Sports is seeing all my results in one place. Objective measures are fine, but they don't mean much if you don't act on them; HALE Sports helps me do that."
We offer a white glove service providing comprehensive health and performance testing. We deliver the results on a single digital platform and app with performance plans that provide actionable insights into how to improve.
What Do We Offer?
  • Additional product center for YOU
  • Additional revenue stream for individual trainers or owners
  • A way to personalize your services
  • Member retention tool
  • Competitive advantage over other gyms
What's In It For You?
Performance Testing
This may include: wearables, injury risk, strength, power, speed, mobility, movement and much more.
Health Testing
This may include: microbiome for nutrition, genetic predispositions, body composition and clinical lab work.
What Testing Do Your Clients Want?
  1. Demo our platform
  2. Complimentary testing for your trainers
  3. Choose best testing options for your gym
  4. Discuss how you want testing conducted (pop up, evening social, etc).
What Are The Next Steps?
For Your Gym - Let's Get Started
For Your Gym - Then What?
For Your Gym - Testing We Offer
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