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Why Genes?
Genes are your body's blueprint and hardware. Genes provide the instructions for everything your body does. Gene variations among individuals impact speed, endurance, strength, recovery, mental acuity and trainability.
Your body has more cells from microbes than it does your own cells. Our body's microbiome is involved in immune, inflammation and neurological function. It also impacts our energy metabolism. These microbes can be a help or a hindrance to your health and performance.
Why Microbiome?
Why Biomarkers?
Biomarkers show us how your body is responding to your environment, your training, and your lifestyle. They tell us if your software (your training) is working together with your specific hardware (your genes) optimally.
Wearables and other testing data provide us with frequent measurements on your performance and recovery. They give us information on whether your training, together with your genes, are optimizing your performance and your health.
Why Wearables and Performance?
Why Together?
Knowing your genetic profile, and how you are responding to training and your environment, can help you determine the individual training that will optimize your performance and health. It tells you if your hardware and software are working together to make you better.
We Track. You Perform.