About Us


We partner with athletes, gym goers, their trainers and coaches to optimize performance.


We track health and performance to maximize performance, anticipate and minimize injury, accelerate rehabilitation and guide the athlete's training to assure longevity.


To tell every athlete what they are made of, provide the data to every trainer to know how their athletes function and help you experience a life enhanced.


We apply our AI tools to interrogate genetic, physiological, biochemical and performance metrics. We then create customized performance programs tailored to individual athletes that match the goals of our partners.

What We May Tell You

Your readiness profile may tell you about your:
  • movement limitations
  • strength, power and speed
  • aerobic capacity
  • balance and stability
  • injury risks
  • joint bone and muscle health
We compliment the readiness profile with your training response to tell you about your:
  • sleep quality
  • performance readiness
  • mental readinesss
  • workload adaptations
  • inflammation and muscle recovery
  • energy and anxiety levels
Your nutrition profile gives you information about your:
  • body composition
  • micronutrient health
  • vitamin levels
  • response to your diet


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