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Your Baseline

Get Tested. With our comprehensive testing, we collect your performance and health data, paired with self reported data, and wearable devices. Plans and profiles provide your current readiness, identify capabilities, and help you improve health and reduce

Your Training

Your Roadmap: The HALE engine analyzes, organizes, and presents your data so that it makes sense. Track Progress. Capture information from your training, health data, sleep and recovery. How are the stresses of training and daily life impacting you?

Your Potential

HALE's platform allows you to monitor progress and track how that is translated into improved performance. So you can "Get Better". HALE Sports tracks and displays the data and how it can impact your potential.

Health Testing
Performance Testing
Your body has more cells from microbes than it does your own cells. Our body's microbiome is involved in immune, inflammation and neurological function. It also impacts our energy metabolism. These microbes can be a help or a hindrance to your health and performance.
One of the most important functions of the respiratory system is to move air and, if you're an athlete, that volume of air should be large and should move quickly! Once again HALE Sports is here with this assessment to benchmark your breathing, so you can stop huffing and puffing and focus on performing!
Genes are your body's blueprint and hardware. Genes provide the instructions for everything your body does. Gene variations among individuals impact speed, endurance, strength, recovery, mental acuity and trainability.
Body Composition
Body composition is a method of describing what the body is made of with its four components - fat, protein, minerals and body water. At HALE Sports we believe it is a more accurate method for describing weight than body mass index. This whole body analysis is an assessment that gives you the baseline for improving your health.
Clinical Labs
Clinical Labs show us how your body is responding to your environment, your training, and your lifestyle. They tell us if your software is working together with your specific hardware optimally.
Force Plate
  • Quantifies strength, power & neuromuscular coordination
  • Evaluates balance, stability & biases in force production
  • Provides insights into how to train to improve strength, power & speed
  • Monitors workload, training & recovery
  • Permits the optimization of training
  • Assesses sport & non-sport stress & anxiety
  • Proper management reduces the risk of injury
Agility Board
  • Measures explosiveness, reaction time, accuracy & movement efficiency
  • Identifies differences between right & left sides of the body
  • Compares results to other athletes & determines drills for improvement
Y Balance
  • Measures dynamic balance & mobility
  • Determines injury risk
  • Identifies roadblocks to functional movements in both performance & rehabilitation
Maybe you wear an Oura ring, a Fitbit, or a Garmin watch; At HALE Sports we love each and every device and fitness account alike and have the platform to give you more insights and analytics to track.
COVID-19 Monitoring combines the seamless integration of appropriate wearable data with the ability to log temperature, SpO2 and pulse; track the nine CDC symptoms; and track other health related levels.
Self Reported Data
Through a series of informed questionnaires HALE Sports allows you to track self reported data in a way that is not only useful but integratabtle, so you may see how you improve over time both physically and mentally.
Coach Feedback
With HALE Sports seamless communication center, coaches can immediately provide feedback to test results, self reported data and deliver recommendations all in one place.
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